Upcoming Trip: A Weekend in Our First Scandinavian Country

One of the perks of living in London is spending a weekend out-of-the-country can be very affordable. Countries like France and Belgium are only 2 hours away by train or Czech Republic also 2 hours away by plane. Traveling becomes easier and even convenient. I constantly remind Dexter of this fact whenever he starts to whine about the grayness of London and starts talking about moving back to LA!


For the month of March, we have booked 4 nights in Paris, France. Having a Philippine passport meant that I need a Schengen visa for entry to France and other European (EU) countries. Schengen visas only last a few months and mine expired in December last year. I was hoping to book an appointment for my application last week, but lo and behold, the only appointments available were past our travel date! Imagine the horror and the thought of canceling our trip because I don’t have a visa! 

To cut the long and exciting story short, we booked a flight with Sweden since they had visa appointments still available 2 weeks before our Paris trip (Schengen visas usually take only 5 days to process from my experience). We needed a different point of entry to get my Schengen visa application processed ASAP so we don’t miss out on Paris! My application with Sweden is now approved and I expect to pick up my visa tomorrow.

So there you go - we’re going to Sweden because we needed to go to France, if that makes sense. But we’re overly excited about this trip and it’s our first for 2016!

Photo by  @Thomas_pasaga

Looking forward to meeting you, Stockholm!