The Art of Dining: Benazuza Restaurante Review

One of the things I happily enjoy with my husband is our love for food. Everytime we travel, we make sure to hit the hot spots - markets, street food, good restaurants, and have a go on the local delicacies. In the short time we've been traveling together we've been discovering every city's hidden treasures... that is, great food. It was fortunate that we stumbled upon Benazuza by accident during our honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico.

We came across Benazuza after our dinner at Black Hole - they were practically right next to each other at Grand Oasis Sens. Dexter got all the more excited after learning that Benazuza’s creator is also Rafael Zafra, who worked with elBulli's Ferran Adria, one of the best chefs in the world. We immediately made a reservation. Compared to other fine dining restaurants with nearly a similar concept, Benazuza is reasonably priced.

The atmosphere inside the restaurant felt elegant, we were escorted to the bar first and foremost and started off with unconventional and inventive cocktails. No, there wouldn’t be a menu here, but we were served continuously dish after dish. Our only tip would be to expect the unexpected... and get your cameras ready for the most creatively plated dishes you'll ever eat!

Our dining experience started with these beautiful long stem red roses... but are they just roses?

These artsy cocktails are too pretty to be eaten! “Imagine people eating a painting.”

With over 20 courses served at intervals, the entire dinner took us around 3 hours. It would be best to come with an empty stomach. Even though some dishes come tiny, don't be fooled because the succeeding ones nearing the end are larger portions. Both filling and fulfilling! 

We enjoyed the great quality of food and calm yet smart ambiance of the restaurant. It was fortunate that we got to dine here while on our honeymoon as it is one of the highlights during our trip in Cancun. A unique avant-garde cuisine, Benazuza will delight honeymooners with its elegant fine dining and impeccable food styling. 

On our flight back to London, we watched El Bulli: Cooking in Progress that featured Ferran Adria’s culinary journey. I must say, the documentary made me appreciate and learn more about deconstructing food. 

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