Telefèric Restaurant is Terrific!

During our 5-day stay in Barcelona, we managed to squeeze in a night where we did what we called a ‘tapas crawl.’ It was Telefèric Restaurant located in Plaça del Dr. Letamendi where we started the tapas hopping and boy were we glad to have picked this place!

Inside the restaurant felt posh and elegant. High stools by the bar, a very, very long table with a wide selection of pintxos, and a sit-down dining area. Apart from a fancy interior, the tapas and pintxos were also artfully displayed. And since we were feeling local, we sat ourselves at the bar to make sure we'll only eat a little considering we'll be hitting other tapas places afterwards. Let's see!

Pintxos or pinchos are small snacks of a mix of ingredients fastened with a toothpick. They are commonly eaten as appetisers that match beautifully with wine. The rules are pretty simple: grab as many pintxos as you like from the display to your plate, and at the end of your meal, the waiter counts how many toothpicks you have and voila, you'll then get your bill. It's the toothpick that counts!

From our blog post 10 Things To Do In Barcelona, one of our friendly tips if you're visiting Telefèric Restaurant was to look for Vhon to make you a strong white sangria. The operative word is strong, so don't leave that word out! The sangria was refreshing yet with a kick. The grilled foie with caramelized onion and cherry was over-the-top amazing. After the first bite, we made sure to get another! The foie just melts inside your mouth! No wonder it won Best Tapas in Barcelona in 2013! We also had pulpo, tuna, and croquettes - everything was delicious.

It was the first time I had authentic patatas bravas and this is absolutely one of the best we've had while in Barcelona. We managed to order patatas bravas in other restaurants but this hits the top of our list. The garlic sauce made it so, so sexy good!

After many rounds of tapas and pintxos, we ended our dinner with bellinis. What we thought would be a light meal turned into an exceptionally delicious dinner. Highly recommended if you want to be a white-sangria-foie-and-patatas-bravas convert! 


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