Our Top Travel Resources

Travel isn’t always easily affordable. Flights can be costly, accommodation rates are always on the high side if you choose an area that’s central, and those day trip packages just add up! For the few years we’ve been traveling as a couple we make sure to be on the lookout for deals and more affordable travel options. Researching and comparing prices is one way to travel smart.

We’ve come up with a list of travel resources we frequently utilise. We will constantly update this blog post to help you get started on your next adventure!

For flights, hotels, car rentals, and package deals


When it comes to booking tour packages, Expedia is our go-to website. An all-around travel search engine, you can also book car rentals, cruises, and hotels. Keep an eye out on last-minute deals, season sales, and coupons that can guarantee a discount on your next adventure! Use this link for an all-in-one UK, US, and International search.


Skyscanner lets you browse flights, hotels, and car hires and be able to compare prices at a glance! Whenever we book flights, we always check Skyscanner first.

For your trip planning


Providing customer reviews of travel-related content (hotels, restaurants, attractions), TripAdvisor helps us with planning our journeys. It can be a waste of travel time to visit museums or eat at restaurants that are poorly rated or not at all recommended. With TripAdvisor, we’re able to hit the hot spots in any city! As regular contributors, you can check out our reviews here.


You got it, travel also means shopping! For the latest travel gear, luggage, digital cameras, travel guide books, the list goes on - Amazon.com is our top online shopping site. Sign up with Amazon Prime for unlimited One-Day Delivery. Trust us, it's the most convenient thing there is!

For trains and European Rail

Expedia Rail

Expedia just recently launched it's rail services! A new addition to Expedia's online booking options, it will be the first time that that a worldwide full-service travel agency brings to the public a train component in addition to its many other transportation options. Congratulations, Expedia!

For hotels and accommodation


With nearly 100,000 destinations worldwide, Booking.com is one of the highest rated travel search engine. You can customise your accommodation or hotel search to narrow down your options.


For hotel deals and discounts, Hotels.com offers selections on independent and major chain hotels as well as self-catering in over hundreds of thousands properties worldwide. Compare hotel rates for more affordable options!


With over 670 hotels across 54 countries, Hyatt offers luxury hotels, boutique-style hotels, all-inclusive resorts, and smaller full-service hotels. With a Hyatt Gold Passport, you can also earn points and reward yourself with free hotel stays around the world!



In 78 countries in six continents, there are 540 Hilton hotels and resorts worldwide! If you are a Hilton Honors member, you are guaranteed hotel benefits and earn free nights when you level up your status!



For part-time lodging either for just a room or an entire house, an AirBnB can be more homey than a hotel room! We’ve had beautiful experiences staying at an AirbnB in Barcelona, Wales, and The Lakes - just make sure to read reviews first and contact your host before booking. Receive £30 off on your first AirBnB booking through this link.