Our Honeymoon-Worthy Travels of 2017

Last year we did a roundup of our travels in 2016 so it's only proper to follow up with this year's travel destinations. Although we weren't able to beat last year's visit to 8 countries having visited just 4 this year, I'd say we still had our fun share of travel! 

To spice things up a bit and help you in your honeymoon planning, we've added must-sees and must-dos while in the city.

Rome, Italy


What honeymooners shouldn't miss: A trip to Borghese Gallery and the Vatican Museums for that all-out Roman art and culture experience. The gardens in both locations are also romantic sweet spots!

Where to go on a date: After all the walking you've done to take selfies at Trevi Fountain, head northwest of the city and dine at Pizzeria San Marco. It's away from the city centre where food is reasonably priced and truly authentic. Please, please order the carbonara.

Don't forget: It's best to book museum tickets in advance to skip queues. Huge back packs and cameras are not allowed in certain museums so carry a small bag where possible. Bring smaller bills for bus or train tickets.

This should come in handy: Our 10 Things To Do In Rome feature for travel ideas and Food Trippin' Rome for your where-to-eat guide!

Lake District, England


What honeymooners shouldn't miss: Hiking for the adventurous couple, a drive along Wrynose Pass for the top gear husband, gingerbread and rum butter from Grasmere Gingerbread for the sweet tooth wife. 

Where to go on a date: Make sure to stop by England's only National Trust pub Sticklebarn for a few pints. Trust us, the view here is amazing.

Don't forget: Unless you're staying at a hotel, some accommodations may not have wi-fi. Information Centres come in handy when you need maps for hiking routes.

Brussels, Belgium


What honeymooners shouldn't miss: For the beer lovers, a few or a lot of pints at Delirium Cafe will definitely be a night to remember.

Where to go on a date: If you're feeling casual and in the mood for seafood, Noordzee Mer du Nor is one of Brussels' best. 

Don't forget: Wear comfortable shoes as there'll be a lot of walking. Bring an umbrella as there may be rain too.

This should come in handy:  Our 10 Things To Do In Brussels article to get you started in planning your trip!

Bruges, Belgium


What honeymooners shouldn't miss: Take a tour at the De Halve Maan Brewery for an insightful beer experience. You get a free pint at the end of it, too!

Where to go on a date: The whole of Bruges is simply magical and romantic, the city itself is what your date will be made of! Go for mussels and frites for a classic Belgian lunch.

Don't forget: Again, comfortable footwear and an umbrella as it tends to rain every now and then. Pass by Chocolate Line and enjoy the strange yet amazing variety of chocolates!

Berlin, Germany


What honeymooners shouldn't miss: Pergamon Museum at Museum Island houses the reconstructed Ishtar Gate. Totally jaw-dropping so have your cameras ready!

Where to go on a date: Celebrate your honeymoon at Vox for an undeniably modern dining experience. 

Don't forget: Check out the east side of the city and see what's become of the Berlin Wall. 

This should come in handy: Our full dining experience at Vox Restaurant located at the Grand Hyatt Berlin where we celebrated a la honeymoon. 

San Diego, California


What honeymooners shouldn't miss: Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma for a refreshing view of the ocean. There's a visitor centre where you'll get a glimpse of this location's history, where the very first European expedition had set foot on what we know now as USA's West Coast. 

Where to go on a date: A lovely stroll around Balboa Park. Here you'll find museums, theatres, and beautiful gardens!

Don't forget: Grab your fill of the the best tacos and quesadillas while in San Diego. Tacos el Gordo in Chula Vista is a sure hit!


Palm Springs, California


What honeymooners shouldn't miss: For the adventurous, nature-loving couple, the hiking trails at Mount Jacinto State Park is a must.

Where to go on a date: Not afraid of heights? Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is the world's largest rotating tram car. Yes, rotating. After a ten minute ride traveling over 2.5 miles along the cliffs of Chino Canyon, you'll find yourself up in the mountain in an alpine wilderness, overlooking the desert on one side; and cliffs and forests on the other. Breathtaking.

Don't forget: Hydrate - the heat is unforgiving! But you may want to bring an extra jumper if you're going up the Tramway as it gets cold in the mountains. It was 12 degrees Celsius when we went in October!

We hope you enjoyed your travels this year as much as we did! Please feel free to share about where YOU went to this 2017!