How To Spend One Day in Bruges

The capital of West Flanders in northwest Belgium, Bruges is well-known for its winding canals, cobblestone streets, swans, and medieval architecture. The well-preserved layout of buildings dating back to 13th century makes Bruges garner a distinct medieval and gothic-town feel, just like a fairytale.


There are no main attractions or famous locations in Bruges - the city of Bruges itself is the main attraction! Every corner is simply worthy of a photo. No wonder it's considered one of the most romantic cities in the world.

Dexter and I went to Bruges by train coming from Brussels (Bruxelles-Midi Station). We booked an 8:04 train but when we arrived at the platform 15 minutes early, we realised we can hop on an earlier train since our tickets only mentioned the validity date. An hour later after passing fields of cows, farms, and residential areas, we finally arrive in wonderland.


Exiting the station, we just had to follow the crowd. We were in medieval dreamland in 10 minutes. Here's a list on what to expect in Bruges and things you shouldn’t miss!

Jump back in the medieval period at the Markt Square. Located at the heart of the city, it's a 360-degree view of medieval and renaissance architecture at the Markt Square. With cobblestone roads and horse-drawn carriages, you can't help but feel you've transported back in time! 

Don't miss the bizarre flavours of chocolate at Chocolate Line. One of the world's best chocolate shops and also one of the three chocolatiers in the Michelin guide, Chocolate Line offers unique flavours such as kalamansi, cannabis, earl grey, and even fried onions. Take your pick.

Ride a horse-drawn carriage around town. Ride the way they do back in the old days for 50 euros. They're practically everywhere so you won't miss it! 

What's for lunch? Moules-frites and Flemish beef stew. Moules-frit is a pot of steamed mussels with a side of chips. What makes Flemish beef stew so special is that it's cooked in beer and hence the very rich flavour. These are must-eats when you're in Belgium.

Bottoms up at the Halve Maan Brewery tour! Belgium's underground beer pipeline starts here. You read that right, the city has its very own beer pipeline to reduce the truckloads of beer from damaging the medieval cobblestones. A family-run brewery that runs back through six generations, Halve Maan is a must-visit! 

At the end of the tour, you get a free pint plus a quick rooftop access for a sweeping view of Bruges! Their restaurant also serves food.

Enjoy the sun and outdoor dining. Dreamy, isn't it?


Admire the different architectural styles at Burg Square. At Burg Square you get the best of all eras: Baroque, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Medieval architecture. Here you'll find Bruges City Hall, Palace of the Liberty of Bruges, and the Basilica of the Holy Blood. Many believe that the basilica houses a relic of the Holy Blood.

Get on a boat or simply admire the picturesque canals.

Get yourself a gorgeous souvenir at the most photographed spot in Bruges! Although all of Bruges is simply beautiful and dreamy, it's this spot that is declared the most photographed. What do you think? Make sure you find this location on your trip to Bruges!


We were able to maximise our daytrip in Bruges by joining a free walking tour with New Europe Tours. Our tour guide came with goodies including discounts for waffles, beers, and restaurants. It's worth a try!