Food Trippin' Rome

Four days in Rome meant four days of authentic Italian food. With simple yet fresh ingredients, pizza and pasta alongside a bottle of wine became our daily food intake. Italians have always loved to linger at the table, savouring every bite of every meal, and we did just so. Dexter and I avoided tourist trap restaurants - those whose menus read in 4 other languages and quite pricey!

Here are the restaurants and pizzerias we recommend and absolutely enjoyed while in Rome, Italy.

Pizzeria San Marco

Address: Via Sardegna, 38, 00187 Roma, Italy

Pizzeria San Marco was our first restaurant of choice as soon as we arrived in Rome. It was conveniently located just a few blocks from our hotel near Via Veneto. Atmosphere is fancy yet casual, you can dress up for an occasion. We went here twice as the food was really amazing and priced reasonably. We had the best carbonara here too! Highly recommended!

What we ordered the first time: Carbonara, Pizza Vesuvio

And we came back for a second time: Cacio e pepe, Salumi (ham, salami, sausage)


Address: Via Piemonte, 109, 00187 Roma, Italy

Another restaurant near our hotel, Cesarina felt like dining in someone's home. The ambiance was traditional yet cosy and the servers were nicely dressed in red suits. Dexter had mixed grill and each piece of meat was cooked to perfection. Juicy and savoury, my meat-loving husband said it's one of his best meaty dishes yet!

What we ordered: Mixed grill (lamb, veal, sausage, beef), Tagliatelle alla bolognese, Tiramisu


Address: Via della Meloria, 43, 00136 Roma, Italy

Thanks to an episode of Bourdain, we made sure to stop by Bonci while in Rome. We had a late afternoon lunch here after spending half a day at the Vatican Museums. The restaurant was small and there were no seats, but you can eat standing by the counters.

Their pizza is weighed by the gram depending on how big you want it. We ordered six different flavours (they never repeat in a week they said) each one cut in a rectangle. It's amazing how with the simplest ingredients from cherry tomatoes to rocket salad to tripe, Bonci creates pizza at a different level. Everything was so delicious, we ended up eating so much! Check out these toppings...

What we ordered: A slice of pizza with the following toppings (1) potatoes, mozzarella, (2) tripe, tomato sauce, (3) ham, cheese, (4) roast beef, parmesan, arugula, (5) spicy salami, rocket, sheep cheese, (6) cherry tomatoes, mozzarella

Dar Poeta

Address: Vicolo del Bologna, 45, 00153 Roma, Italy

Located in Trastevere, Dar Poeta has wonderful reviews in Yelp and so we decided to give it a go. The food reviews proved to be well-deserved. Their pizza crust was garlicky and crispy. With toppings so simple, it was Italian dining at its best!

What we ordered: Dar Poeta pizza (toppings are mozzarella, zucchini, salami)

Ai Tre Scalini

Address: Via Panisperna, 251, 00184 Roma, Italy

En route to Colosseum, we found Ai Tre Scalini's charming facade rather tempting. Inside had a very casual feel, a bar as soon as you enter, walls artfully decorated, and diners engaged in conversation. Food was great especially my lasagna! We were a tad disappointed with the porchetta since we were expecting a huge chunk of meat like the Philippines' lechon, but theirs came in thin slices and no crackling. 

What we ordered: Truffle salami sausage, Porchetta, Lasagne rage, and someone else's salad sent to us by mistake

Sapori Sardi

Address: Via Piemonte, 79, 00187 Roma, Italy

Also located in Via Veneto near our hotel, we enjoyed the friendly service and atmosphere in Sapori Sardi. This time we ordered new dishes we weren't familiar with. The mussels and clams were served with a pasta called 'fregola' that were like small beads and were chewy. Then we had a fish dish called Dentex that our server cheerfully took care of removing all the bones. I'd say the fish was the star of our dinner!

What we ordered: Spaghetti alla Carbonara, Fregola Cozeze e Vongole (Mussels and Clams), Dentex, Gelato Affogato 


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