Black Hole In Cancun: A Blind Date On Our Honeymoon

The idea of going on a date with someone you don’t know can be exciting and weird at the same time. It usually starts off awkward and you’ll never know how it will end. Dexter and I had a blind date on our honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico.... but not quite.

On Trip Advisor’s top places to eat in Cancun is Black Hole, a restaurant located in Grand Oasis Sens (not Oasis Hotel, we made that mistake) along Boulevard Kukulcan. Chef Rafael Zafra is behind the creative genius of Black Hole, winner of 2 Michelin stars and also known for working alongside elBulli's Ferran Adria. 

That evening we excitedly got ready and followed most reviewers’ advice to wear black. When we arrived we were asked to be seated as we waited in a small dark room… and then the fun began.

Photo courTESy of

Photo courTESy of

It felt like going on a blind date - only it’s where you’re eating and what you’ll be eating, you cannot see! With all the lights off, your senses are heightened that you start to jump at the smallest hint of sound and you feel your pupils dilate when you sense something moving from afar. Since we can't see our food, we tend to smell the dish served and focus on the texture and taste inside our mouth. The concept and ingenuity of eating in darkness was enthusing - the excitement builds dish after dish.

And although all the dishes were bite-size (you can more or less see in the dark with black lights on), my husband and I enjoyed guessing what in the world we were eating, what ingredients were in it. The server was kind enough to let us keep guessing until we got it right… which most of the time we didn’t. The dinner was fun and enjoyable, as if taking part in an gastronomical experiment of the senses.

I guess I can do another blind date, or rather blind tasting, soon!