7 Tips on How To Plan Your Honeymoon


Planning a wedding is a multi-task job: coordinating with different vendors, scouting for affordable wedding packages, venue hunting, endless suit and gown fittings, food and cake tastings - the whole enchilada. Then there’s your honeymoon plans, either you have tons of ideas… or none at all.

Here’s a list of how to get you started on planning the most romantic holiday of your life!

1. Gather ideas and inspiration. Think of the places you’ve always dreamed of going to. Start researching. Join Pinterest and create a Honeymoon folder where you can visualize your ideas. Ask your friends who went on their honeymoon for suggestions. Most wedding websites have Honeymoon forums where you can talk to like-minded people (mostly brides) who are also looking for inspiration.

2. Do it together. Now that you’ve done your Pinterest-pinning and Instagram-liking, discuss your ideas with your partner. Some couples hit it off agreeing on the same honeymoon destination at once, others find it difficult and end up arguing. Breathe. The planning stage begins with brainstorming, so let the ideas flow until you meet at a common ground. Don’t force it if you disagree. Remember, this honeymoon is yours! Both of you should enjoy it!

3. Be on top of your budget. Include your honeymoon on your wedding budget. Discuss honeymoon ideas on the early stages of wedding planning so you don’t end up being clueless on where you want to go and how much it can cost you. Scout for discounts, compare prices and deals with different hotels, airlines, and tour companies. Allot a budget for the whole honeymoon, including the little extras like tips, day tours, or a romantic dinner to celebrate.

which honeymoon style are you going for?

which honeymoon style are you going for?

4. Your honeymoon style. It’s tradition that a couple’s idea of a honeymoon is one filled with fancy dinners, spa treats, and simply relax. But now a lot of newlyweds go unconventional doing road trips, camping, visiting far-flung, exotic destinations. So dream big and be creative with how you want to spend your honeymoon! Think of what style suits you - the things you want to do and places you want to see together.

5. Come up with your top 3 honeymoon destinations. Then narrow it down to one - one that fits your budget, schedule, and honeymoon style. Remember, a honeymoon destination is all about location.

6. And speaking of location... Choosing the right hotel is very, very important. You'll spend most of your time relaxing during your honeymoon so why not book a room that will let you make the most out of it! Whether it's a simple accommodation, an AirBnb, a 5-star hotel, or even a suite on a cruise ship, consider your comfort, convenience, and safety.

7. Now that’s a honeymoon! Explore our blog and signup for our newsletter for reviews and tips! If you plan on honeymooning in a place we’ve been to, check out our experiences, the hotels and restaurants we like. You might end up liking them too! Let us know if you do!