6 Tips To Keep Your Rings Safe On Your Honeymoon

We’ve heard the horror stories: brides misplacing their engagement rings and newlyweds losing their wedding bands while on their honeymoons!

Rule No.1 for engagement rings is to have it insured ASAP. Now that you’re married, you have another ring in your hand. Although wedding bands are not as common to getting insured as engagement rings, surely it’s as important to keep them in a safe place.

photo taken by  don+Helen

photo taken by don+Helen

1. Be familiar with your ring insurance cover. 

Understand your policy wording. It should cover loss or damage of rings on international trips. Check if your honeymoon destination is under the policy’s territorial limits. Read about safekeeping rings in hotels… which leads us to the next tip.

2. Use your hotel safe, not your room safe. 

Most policies only cover jewelry items kept in the principle safe of the hotel, not in the hotel room safe. This can be a fuss, but make sure to have your rings checked in and signed by the front desk or security.

3. Avoid wearing your rings in places where it could get lost. 

This includes beaches, swimming pools, spas, outdoors that involve adventure activities. Granted you want to show off your rings (you’re newly married!), it’s advisable not to wear them in risky places.

4. But if you wear your ring, never take it off!

Don’t we just have that nasty habit of taking off our wedding ring when we wash our hands? We leave it by the sink, wash and dry our hands, and only remember we haven’t worn it yet as we exit the bathroom door! Do yourselves a favour and leave your ring on your finger at all times. 

5. For the grooms: if you wear your ring, never ever take it off! 

My husband has that silly habit of taking his wedding band off his finger and starts playing with it. On our first day as husband and wife, he nearly lost his ring as he kept rolling it between his fingers! Men who don’t wear jewelry initially find wedding bands different or annoying - but get used it, it’s part of the whole deal, right?

6. Leave them home and get mock rings. 

This I’ve learned from my friends who spent their honeymoon in Tanzania. They didn’t want to risk wearing their wedding rings away from home so they bought cheaper ones. That way, they got to wear rings the whole time during their honeymoon.