5 Things To Do In Stockholm

We went to Stockholm early this year and loved our first taste of Scandinavia. Apart from staying at a beautiful hotel called Elite Hotel Marina Tower, we also enjoyed Stockholm’s attractions and of course, food! We listed down five things that shouldn't be missed when in Stockholm, Sweden!

1. Visit Gamla Stan. Relics of Stockholm’s early history are all squeezed in together in its old town known as Gamla Stan. We adored getting lost around this area because it has that atmosphere of medieval times! We came across winding narrow cobblestone streets, souvenir shops, cafes, bookstores, museums, and ancient churches. The vibrant colours and varying shapes of houses at Gamla Stan are charmingly old-fashioned. 

Around this area you’ll find Storkyrkan, Stockholm’s 700-year old cathedral. The plaza or square at the heart of Gamla Stan is called Stortorget, a friendly place to stop by for lunch and do some people watching. The Nobel Museum is also worth a short visit (it’s a rather small museum) if you’re interested in learning about the most prestigious prize in the world and its Nobel Prize winners.

2. Spend an afternoon at the Vasa Museum. Visiting the Vasa Museum is one of the highlights during our trip. Located on the island of Djurgården, the museum displays a 17th century warship called Vasa. Yes, they have the whole ship inside the museum almost fully intact!

3. Skip the bus and take a ferry boat! We purchased the 72-hour travel card from Arlanda Airport during our trip and the ticket includes the ferry boat as a means of transport. Apart from being a quicker way to travel, you can skip the traffic and get stunning views of the Baltic sea and other nearby islands. For couples and honeymooners, the short ferry rides can be romantic!

4. Eat reindeer! (Feel free to skip this part if you don’t eat meat!) Call me silly but I never knew that reindeer can be eaten. Coming to Sweden gave me that opportunity of my very first reindeer meal! Dexter ordered Reindeer Stew while I had a Swedish Reindeer Steak at a restaurant called Kvarnen. We weren’t fortunate enough to find elk or moose on the menu though. Bummer.

Another place with great meat is Aifur in Gamla Stan. Although flocked by many tourists, entering Aifur immediately transported us back into the Viking Age! The servers were fully dressed in medieval outfits, tables and chairs were made of wood, live Nordic music played, and even the utensils were from the olden days! It was a definite Viking meat feast along with their famous root vegetables. Book a table in advance to get you seats!

5. Have lunch at Östermalms Saluhall. We’re not going to sugarcoat it, but food at Stockholm is quite expensive. It was a lovely surprise when we visited Saluhall, Stockholm’s famous and reputable food hall, the prices weren’t too bad! The food was amazing and of great quality. The food hall is also ridiculously posh with the stalls made of wood and well-maintained. There are plenty of choices besides meatballs, too!

Where we stayed

During our 3-day trip in Stockholm, we stayed at Elite Hotel Marina Tower. Twenty minutes away by bus from Central Stockholm Station, it is located in an area called Nacka. Read more about our comfortable and romantic stay with Elite Hotel.


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