Now That's A Honeymoon!

Thanks for the taking the time to visit our website! You may be thinking... what is Now That’s A Honeymoon all about? What will you see in here? Let’s answer these questions, shall we?

What's your website about? Now That’s A Honeymoon is a travel blog for honeymoon ideas. Whilst planning our honeymoon last year, it was difficult to search websites that focused on honeymoon destinations without selling tour packages. Here, you’ll find stories from our journeys from a honeymooners’ perspective - will this trip be ideal for a honeymoon? What can make it extra special and romantic? Or adventurous and crazy? If you’re looking for honeymoon tips and travel inspiration, this is the blog for you!

Is this blog only for honeymooners? No. Although we’ll write with honeymooners in mind, the information you’ll find here will be valuable for any traveler!

Who are you? We are April and Dexter, a newly married couple based in London, UK. Dexter, born in the Philippines, moved to Hong Kong, Los Angeles, then New York, before finally settling in London. April, originally from the Philippines, moved to London in 2011. We got engaged in Budapest in 2015 and married that same year at a beautiful winery in Temecula, California. We are both working professionals.

What are your ‘travel credentials’? Combined, we’ve travelled to 17 US states and 18 countries including, Argentina, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Mexico, among others.

What else will you feature in your blog? Honeymoon suites and packages, reviews and recommendations on hotels, restaurants, and activities honeymooners will enjoy. We will feature couples and their honeymoon getaways as well! We look forward to building a community with fellow honeymooners and travelers who inspire.

How can we reach you? You can reach us via e-mail or fill in the Contact form if you have any comments or questions. You can also follow us on social media:

Thanks for dropping by and we hope you visit us often!