Our website

We created Now That's A Honeymoon in the hopes of simply sharing our love for writing and travel.

In 2015 we were planning our own honeymoon and found it difficult to find a site that solely focused on honeymoon ideas without selling a tour package. Then a light bulb lit up! Why not create a site that does just that: feature honeymoon ideas from our travel experiences? This serves the purpose of us traveling in style - as if always on a honeymoon.

How we met

We had nearly a year's worth of long-distance relationship while Dexter was in New York and April in London. The 5-hour time difference was challenging but we liked the longing and anticipation of the next time we'll meet. Cheesy, right? (April wrote this part!)

Dexter moved to London in September 2014, then proposed in Budapest on January 2015.

Our beautiful wedding was in October 2015 in Temecula, California. Imagine planning a wedding long distance! We sourced and contacted vendors in CA while we were in London. We relished in the excitement and even the stresses that came along with planning our wedding and especially our honeymoon. All the efforts were well-worth it after a crazy fun California wedding and a relaxing Cancun honeymoon. We have been traveling during our free time ever since.

When we're not writing

We are both working professionals based in London. Dexter is a digital project manager in an advertising agency and April is a nurse but have always aspired to be a writer.

Our travel personality

Having London as our home-base makes traveling easier. Both our jobs allow us to take more than 4 weeks worth of holidays per year. The flexibility of our work schedules also allows us to write about our journeys. 

Our travel personality is all for style, comfort, and variety: we'd go for a 5-star hotel with an overlooking view of Paris, to humble Airbnb; from hotel buffet breakfasts, to street food and hawkers of Singapore, to a multi-course dining experience. Our goal is to share our stories and archive our favourite places that honeymooners and travelers will love.

Our Travel Resources

Here are websites we trust where we frequently book our flights, trains, hotels, car rentals, and even day trip packages. Click on any of the banners below to look up your next trip.